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Urlaub am Bauernhof in Österreich

Farm Holidays in Upper-Austria

Perceive your next holidays with all of your senses. Farm Holidays offer you countless moments filled with memorable experiences that you will keenly be able to see, taste, smell, feel and hear.

See the Beauty and Naturalness

See and feel the friendliness of your hosts, enjoy visions of nature, witness authentic folk customs and traditions passed down through the generations, and delight in the respectful interaction between man and animal.

Sounds which touch you

The farming community and the world which surrounds it also allow you to experience a wide range of sounds wonderfully. The heartfelt laughter of your host family, the delightful clucking of free-range hens, the purring of the little kitten and the traditional tones of an accordion, all play their part in spreading a cheerful holiday atmosphere. But that said, the stillness of a hammock and the peacefulness of secluded spots are also something truly special.

Collect aromatic memories

Unmistakable smells will likewise tease your nose. The freshly-baked bread pulled out of the oven by the farmer’s wife, the fragrant plants in the herb bed, the recently harvested hay and the clean, clear air are guaranteed to inspire your sense of smell.

Enjoy culinary delicacies

On and close to your farm, flavor experiences for your taste buds are many and varied. The lovingly tended farmhouse gardens and fields are abundant with valuable, delectable foods, all of which are processed with painstaking care and passion. Home-preserved jams, fresh milk and snack platters filled with hearty products promise pure enjoyment. The items that come to your table are rooted in the work of the farmers and, because they result from sustainable approaches to agriculture, tantalize your palate more than you could ever imagine.

Experiences within arm’s reach

Stroke the cottony fur of the rabbit, harvest the earthy potatoes right out of the field, feel the cozy furnishings of your room or holiday apartment, or receive a warm handshake – the world of the farm truly does lend itself to experiences with all of your senses.

A Farm Holiday is characterized by charm, kindness and very special impressions.


With their heartfelt sense of hospitality, our farm hosts embrace their role as your personal holiday companions!


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