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Urlaub am Bauernhof in Österreich

Farm Holidays in the Salzkammergut Region of Upper Austria

“In the Salzkammergut, you can easily make merry” – a popular song refrain, which perfectly describes the mentality of locals in the region. The people of the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut are high-spirited and vibrant. The lovely landscapes surrounding Almtal Valley, lakes Traunsee, Attersee, Mondsee and Wolfgangsee, and the Inner Salzkammergut offer numer-ous opportunities for outdoor activity and recreation, guaranteeing an unforgettable vacation.
Folk culture, with its many beautiful customs, is encountered everywhere you go in the Salz-kammergut. The melodious dialect, the rhythmic whip-cracking of the Goiserer Pascher and colorful folk costumes – these traditions are just an excerpt of the array of unique cultural highlights. Regional festivities, including Wolfgangsee Advent, the Glöcklerlauf at Epiphany, the Corpus Christi Water Procession in Hallstatt, Liebstatt Sunday in Gmunden and the colorful events surrounding Fetzenfasching in Ebensee give you a true sense of how ages-old traditions and ceremonies are very much alive and well in this region.

Craftsmanship is also held in high esteem in this region. The artistically designed, green-patterned plates by Gmundner Keramik, hand-tailored “Krachlederne” lederhosen combined with ever-popular Goiserer shoes, and the various hat creations featuring those venerable decorative tufts of chamois hair, are all regional icons that leave a lasting impression.

Needless to say, food and drink aren’t in the slightest neglected in the Salzkammergut either. You should definitely sample the local fish specialties, various cheesy delicacies from the Gmunden Dairy, as well as the famous Zaunerstollen from Bad Ischl.

There is probably no better way to discover the world of salt, than with a visit to the salt mine in Hallstatt, where you will gain all kinds of fascinating insights into “white gold”. The region actually boasts numerous impressive tourism attractions and scenic locations. Whether you climb a mountain on foot or reach your destination by means of a leisurely ride on a gondola lift, that choice is entirely up to you. A shopping trip to imperial Bad Ischl as well as e-bike tours through the countryside also both have their own special appeal. And should you crave a refreshing break during the summer, might we suggest taking a refreshing dip in a crystal-clear lake or enjoying a ferry ride? Tip: The ice caves and Mammoth Cave on the Dachstein are absolute must-sees.


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