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Urlaub am Bauernhof in Österreich

Farm Holidays in the Mühlviertel Region of Upper Austria

Hilly natural landscapes that radiate charm and a vibrant spirit. Mystical cultural locations with granite rock formations, expansive riparian and moorland areas, as well as idyllic market squares with magnificent churches where folk customs and traditions have been lovingly preserved – this is what the Mühlviertel is all about – deeply rooted and always modest. Also characteristic for this region are the typical Steinbloss houses, made of unplastered granite, as well as three- and four-wing farmhouses.

If we were to describe this region in terms of its products, the following three would have to be at the top of the list – linseed oil, beer and herbs. From fascinating linseed oil mills, linen weaving mills and dyeworks, to beer breweries and herb gardens, there is so much here to marvel at. The unmistakable Mühlviertel Blue Print is a distinctive print pattern used on linen, cotton and silk fabrics, which we also encounter on many folk costumes.

From a culinary point of view, the Mühlviertel is a paradise for foodies. Beyond question, Mühlviertel cooking is absolutely delicious. Traditional regional favorites range from the famous gratinated bacon and greaves dumplings, to cured meats, tasty potato noodles with sauerkraut, linseed-oil potatoes and cream soups with croutons. Traditional hand-harvested cider, with its characteristic freshness, is an excellent companion to many hearty dishes.

If you are a fan of active outdoor activity, the Mühlviertel region makes things very simple. A clearly marked network of hiking and biking trails in the Bohemian Forest and an extensive network of bridle paths at the Mühlviertler Alm as well as the Mühlviertler Kernland, invite you to indulge your need for exercise in the open air. During the winter months, you can give your metabolism a bit of a jump-start with alpine or cross-country skiing, at the same time enjoying the clean, clear air and glorious views.


And in the midst of all of this, our Farm Holidays businesses, where you can always trust in down-to-earth hospitality and outstanding quality.



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