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Urlaub am Bauernhof in Österreich

Farm Holidays in the Innviertel & Hausruckwald Region of Upper Austria

If you are looking for gentle hills, forests, rivers and hot springs, then the Innviertel-Hausruckwald Region is definitely the perfect place for you. And as a bonus: beautiful hiking trails with attractive lookout points, a treetop path with broad views out across the forest canopy, along with a clearly signposted network of cycle paths and mountainbike trails.

The county seats of Schärding, Braunau, Ried and Grieskirchen are perfect places to enjoy a relaxing stroll, and perhaps even pick up a souvenir or two to take home with you. The lovingly preserved town centers are rich in historical highlights that are just waiting to be discovered. Cultural and religious centers can also be explored, including Ranshofen and Engelszell Abbeys.

During your time in the Innviertel-Hausruckwald region, you should definitely set some time aside to discover its rich culinary world. On the one hand it has a highly distinctive beer culture with many smaller, traditional breweries, while on the other there is a vibrant cider-making heritage, which is nurtured in the areas of Scharten and St. Marienkirchen in particular. During springtime especially, the countryside is transformed into a white sea of blossoms. The countless cherry, pear and apple trees come gloriously into bloom, inviting you to set out on extended hikes. We highly recommend stopping in for refreshments at one of the cider taverns, where you can also enjoy a mouthwatering selection of traditional snacks alongside the sincere brand of hospitality for which the region is so renowned. Innviertel-style bacon dumplings, pork spareribs and Innviertel Affen (doughnuts) are just a small sampling of the many regional specialties you have to choose from. An absolute Eldorado for your sense of taste!

Are you in the mood to spend a bit of time in and around the water, either splashing about or unwinding completely? If so, take full advantage of the laid-back atmosphere and wellness offers of the spa resorts at Therme Geinberg or EurothermenResort Bad Schallerbach. Caribbean flair in Geinberg or aquatic fun at Aquapulco Pirate World in Bad Schallerbach – all of your “nautical” wishes are about to come true.


And in the midst of all of this, our Farm Holidays businesses, where you can always trust in down-to-earth hospitality and outstanding quality.

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