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Urlaub am Bauernhof in Österreich

Farm Holidays in Upper Austria

“It all begins in Linz”... – this ear-catching saying is well known far beyond the borders of Up-per Austria. When you take a look at the attractions awaiting you in Linz, you see how many and varied the opportunities are: ranging from great shopping to a wide spectrum of contem-porary culture and a blooming economy. Voest-Alpine, especially, a major steel-based tech-nology and industrial corporation, is world famous, offering visitors intriguing insights into its activities with a public exhibition entitled “Voest-Alpine Steel World”.

Many buildings in the city, including the Castle Museum, impressive St. Mary’s Cathedral, the new music theatre in the Volksgarten, the main square and the Old City, as well as the Ars Electronica Center with its fascinating exhibitions, are all popular attractions that have also been captured on countless holiday photos. That said, Linz likewise presents itself as a tradition-rich, fairy-tale metropolis, including a pilgrimage church on the Pöstlingberg, enthroned regally above Linz. This particularly scenic location can either be reached on foot, by those in the mood for an additional bit of exercise, or in total comfort with the aid of the Pöstling-bergbahn mountain tramway. Once at the top, you can enjoy views across Linz, or discover dwarves, elves et al in a mountain grotto in an activity known as "Zwergerl schnäuzen". A ferry ride on the Danube is also an absolute must.

Rural traditions in the countryside around Linz are embodied in the powerful rectangular farmhouses – their lavish construction alone reflects the major importance of agriculture in the region, intensive arable farming in particular. Not far from the big city itself, we find an area nicknamed “the Linzers’ back garden” – the Eferding Basin. Here, the wealth of vegetables is practically limitless – and especially famous: Eferding asparagus, potatoes as well as exquisite cabbage.

Insider Tip from the Locals: Your travel itinerary simply has to include a visit to a traditional Linz coffeehouse, where you can enjoy the typical Linzer Torte, combined with a shopping expedition along the Linzer Landstrasse.

Musically, Linz has a lot to offer as well. Through his compositions, Anton Bruckner (1824-1896) endowed the area in and around Linz and St. Florian with a unique cultural legacy. And the new music theatre in the Volksgarten greets visitors with many international-caliber performances, having already made quite a name for itself on the music scene.


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